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thank you for making me feel like I am guilty
you make it easier to murder your sweet memory
does anyone twitter?

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oohkay i just checked and my camera will be here tomorrow. yay.

my mouse keeps randomly moving around the screen. i'm not touching it, but yet it feels the need to randomly pop up in different places. i'll be typing and suddenly i'll be typing in a different spot. it is pissing me off.

i went and seen 300 this weekend. i actually really enjoyed it... i didn't think it would be that great. since all the movies that i think look cool, and go see end up not being so cool. i was surprised.

suppose i am off to bed.
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this is a better picture of my cute tattoo that i adore. sexah! i should be in bed... can't sleep very well though on that crappy bed.

Oo WONDERFUL NEWS. my brothers will be out of my house at the end of this week! HAPPY DANCE!

no lip ring. i FINALLY figured out how to get that little ball back in pretty easily, so now i can actually take it out whenever the hell i feel like it. tomorrow i'm going to get a haircut and dye my hair again. yay.

Current Mood: weird weird

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ah i suck. my paid account expired a couple of days ago, and i am sad. someone should get me a couple more months. i will send cookies. goooood cookies.

c'mon, i make really good cookies.
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